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Think of the templates as a file that is already setup and ready to use, column and/or row headers, formatting, formulas… everything except the data is in place. It has been saved in a special folder like a “master” or “original.” Access templates by going to: File then click on New. Microsoft has many pre-made templates made for you to use. There are also websites like www.exceltemplates.webs.com that have free templates you can download. When accessing the template in this manner you will open a copy of the template, keeping the actual template in its original form, ready for the next use.

If you would like to modify the template you just need to “Save” the workbook as a “template” as shown in the picture.

There are two ways to create a new template. Start with a black sheet and create the layout including row and column headers, formulas, formatting etc., but leave out all of the data. Or open an existing workbook that is already setup the way you want and delete the data… then save as a template.