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Saving Workbooks

When saving a workbook, Excel offers Save As Type options which enables you to save your data in many different formats.

Access save options by clicking on the File then Options. Near the Save button there is the tool option drop down. Click on the general options… Password to open enables only those who have the password to open the file. 

Password to modify allows any user the ability to open the file and makes changes, but only those with the password may save those changes under the same file name

Read-only recommended displays a friendly reminder that opening the file, requesting the user to open a “ready-only” file. Changes to a read-only file must be saved under a different file name.

Save will overwrite or replace the original file with the changes.

Save As… will allow you to save the file under a different name or in a different format.

There are many different ways to save the excel workbook. You will get to select the right format for your needs.

There are now options if your excel file is ready to be sent and can now be set up to be sent right in excel. Under file there is the save and send option. This gives you even more options to choose from as you are ready to save your workbook.