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Entering and Editing Data

Three Steps to Optimize Worksheet Design

  1. Starting with paper and pencil, describe the purpose of the worksheet. Make a list of all the information you wish to display on the sheet and decide what calculations are needed.
  2. Sketch a rough layout design with all labels; then modify layout to optimize efficiency.
  3. Finally, transfer layout to Excel.

Entering and editing information

To enter data into a cell, move to the cell, type the entry, then leave the cell by pressing the enter key, using one of the arrows keys, or by clicking on the different cell. Notice the example that cell B3 contains the entire expression “First Quarter Sales,” but it appears as though it resides in both cells B3 and C3.

Cell Contents vs. Formatted Display

B3 contains the number 722 with no decimal places

By Contains the date 8/30/05

B5 contains the date 8/30/05

Three methods of editing cell contents

Three overtyped the old data with new information.

Edit in the formula bar.

Edit directly in the cell, by either double-clicking the cell or by pressing F2.