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Elements of the Excel Screen

The excel screen is broken down into the following parts.


1. Floating Format Window - There are different windows that can be opened to modify your workbook.

2. Worksheet- An individual spreadsheet with rows and columns, and a chart.

3. Workbook - A file contains between 1 and 255 worksheets.

4. Tab/Dark Box - This marks the currently active cell.

5. Heading - Displays the column letter and row number.

6. Zoom Control - Controls the magnification of the screen.

7. F1/Help Symbol - Allow the user to ask for help.

8. Fx Bar - Displays the contents of the currently active cell

9. Sliding Bars- this allows you to move in the sheet.

10. Split Tab - Allow viewing of distant parts of the worksheet at the same time.

11. Ribbon - This is the ribbon that allows for modification of the sheet.