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Welcome to excel basic training

Excel is one of the most used Microsoft products. Excel is made for personal and business use. On this site you will be able to learn about the user interface and some of the basic functions used in excel. Knowing where things are will help you navigate through excels user interface. Many things have moved with the newer versions of excel. We will be looking at Microsoft Excel 2010. The menu and the many dialog boxes have been moved around and now have new functions. You will want to know how these new functions have changed excel and the new greater capacity. With the new ribbon set up you will want to be able to add any of the commands that you are used to having on the new ribbon. This new version also has many new template for you to look at as excel is now directly linked to the Microsoft web site. You can use there templates or create your own.

One of the ways excel has changes is how you save an excel sheet. Many programs can now import or export data to this program. This opens up a greater use for how data can be used from accounting to surveying.

Many feature are the same but named differently. One example is how you view more than one sheet at the same time with the “Arrange All” command. With this view you can see many sheets at the same time for different workbooks or even the same sheet.

There are many ways to make you work go faster. Using the AutoFill Handle is one of them. This is one of the great things about excel. It can follow patterns of numbers, works, and dates.

There are many functions that excel has at you finger tips. There are a few that everyone using excel should know, for example the sum function “Sum(number1,[number2])”. This site will go over these basic functions.


Enjoy my website.

Use the site map to quickly get to the different parts of the web site.  If you have completed looking over all the pages of this site you can look at my advanced excel training located at http://excelexperts.webs.com/. This site is under construction and will be updated soon.


If you are looking for a template take a look at  www.exceltemplates.webs.com